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Writing correction service is a tailor-made service for IELTS preparation. Register and take the assessment. Your copy will be checked and return to you within 24 hours with necessary feedback, an IELTS equivalent score, and instructions on what to do next. All these start at one dollar only.

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Boost your confidence with our speaking service. You will experience a Live assessment where you can sit face-to-face with an IELTS instructor and give a mock test on speaking. Within 24 hours, you will get feedback, an IELTS Equivalent Band Score, and Personalized directions to speak boldly in an actual IELTS setup.


Because of our unbeatable track record of success of past years, is a trusted name in the student community. By choosing us, your preparation goes extra miles with our meticulous instructions, realistic feedback, and personalized study plan.

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IELTS Listening Tips

Don Oliver, the IELTS Expert, gave an IELTS MasterClass session at Kyoto University. In this video, he talks about the listening section of the IELTS test.

IELTS Writing: Target Band 8

Lesson on enhancing IELTS writing skills, especially cohesion and coherence, focusing on cohesive devices.Band seven and above IELTS writing tips.

IELTS Writing Top 10 Tips || IELTS.Live || Practice IELTS online

For my PhD program, I needed to get a band 7 in the IELTS, and was my last hope. I used their free practice tests and got the score that I wanted. It really helped me to improve my skills and gather confidence.

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