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How to Prepare for IELTS Test

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29th Jul 2019

If you're looking for some tips about "how to prepare for IELTS", then you have landed to the right place.


Unlike many of your college or university exams, the IELTS exam does not test your memory and knowledge. It is a test of skills and ability.


Therefore, the way you prepare for IELTS exam should be slightly different than the way you prepare for any other exams. The suggestions mentioned below will enhance your IELTS preparation online.


  How to Prepare for IELTS test  


Improve Your Vocabulary

You can actually start preparing even before you plan to start your IELTS test preparation!


Develop a curiosity towards new words and make a habit of learning their meanings.


Keep a small notepad (or mobile note application) within your reach. Whenever you come across a new word while reading an English book or watching a movie, note it down.


Then, find its meaning and use the word to make your own sentence. This is a great way of improving your vocabulary and preparing yourself for IELTS.


Find a Speaking Partner

Talking to yourself is not an effective way to improve your speaking ability. Find a partner with whom you can practice speaking in English.


Practicing with your partner will make your speech more fluent and natural. Furthermore, your partners will stimulate and enhance your thought process while you answer their questions.


Your speaking partner does not necessarily have to be only your best friend or your favorite cousin, you can have several partners to practice this module. If you are taking any IELTS course, it is a good idea to always talk with your batchmates in English.


At BARC we encourage group speaking and speaking in pairs in the presence of an instructor to spot your shortcomings and help you to improve your speaking ability.If you're looking for some tips about "how to prepare for IELTS", then you have landed to the right place.



Improve Your Listening

Listen more to English radio programs, talk shows and news. You must familiarize yourself with listening to speeches of native English speakers.


Try to build an interest in the messages which they convey. Ask yourself if you are being able to catch every word they say. Are you understanding the context of the issues they are discussing?


If you are watching some of those programs on YouTube or smart TVs, you might get the option to see subtitles of their speech.


Prepare for All 4 Modules

Familiarize yourself with the structure of all four modules of the IELTS test. There are plenty of IELTS preparation materials available online which will give you a good idea about the format of the test.


First of all, learn the basic information regarding each module such as how many sections there are and how much time is allowed for each section. Then, dig deeper and notice the difference between each of those sections.


If you study carefully, you will notice that the sections vary in the level of difficulty and types of question (or context). You can get access to some previous IELTS test papers online and also at one of our online portals (www.IELTS.live).


Start practicing if you believe that you are ready. Access your score for each module and check your current band score.


        IELTS Preparation Online        


Enroll into an IELTS Preparation Course

Consider getting enrolled into an IELTS preparation course. Your course instructors will be able to train you in a more organized way.


No matter how confident you might feel regarding your own skills and ability, your instructors will be able to highlight your areas of improvement. At BARC we enroll our students based on their current level of English and then work towards promoting them to advanced levels.


The course materials and lesson plans have been designed separately for each level with the ultimate goal of channeling all our students towards achieving their desired IELTS band score. To learn more about the different courses we offer, you may visit www.hellobarc.com


Take IELTS Mock Test

Finally, take a few IELTS mock tests to get a real feel of the exam environment. Taking mock tests will help you to complete your IELTS exam preparation.


Mock tests must be exactly timed, carried out in a quiet place with appropriate equipment (such as headphones), and properly assessed.


Since BARC is an official IELTS examination venue, we make our students familiar with the exam environment through taking their mock tests under similar circumstances (as the official IELTS tests).


You may also practice some online materials and mock tests provided online by BARC in www.ielts.live. Properly assessed mock tests will reveal your expected band score and highlight your areas of improvement.


Also keep in mind that only a limited number of seats are available for each test dates. Therefore, register for your exam as soon as you feel confident about achieving your desired band score.


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Khondaker Nazib Murshed
The strategies mentioned here are effective, I have tried few of the strategies mentioned here and appeared for the mock tests provided here, I have achieved my desired result after following the ways mentioned here
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