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Best IELTS online practice test Academic Recent Test Topic volume

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1st Nov 2019

IELTS Recent Test Topics AC with Answers (Volume 1)

This volume is also arranged like the earlier one, this will be very helpful if you are looking for a complete practice of the IELTS exam.



IELTS.LIVE (https://www.ielts.live/) offers you the unique style of practice, for the listening practice test IELTS.LIVE (https://www.ielts.live/) can be a very good option as it is arranged following the standards of the real exam and you will be able to take preparation completely following this. The listening test has four sections, each contain 10 questions, you can easily submit the answers, only thing you require is IELTS.LIVE (https://www.ielts.live/) account. After submitting the answers, you will get your band score instantly and also the explanation for the answers. If you have any confusion regarding the answers you can easily locate those and can identify your mistakes from the tape scripts

Practice Test – 1


Section 1:In this section a person goes for the walk-in interview for the job in Anderson Lee.

Section 2:The second section contains a speech on ‘Successful job Hunting’ and they discuss about what to do when there are multiple job offers.

Section 3:The third section contains a speech on the pros and cons of taking a year off.

Section 4:In the last section a session on telecommuting is given as the audio file, the brief history and working principle is being discussed here.



The reading is often regarded as the most difficult part in IELTS exam, students find it difficult to complete the exam in the given one hour. For this reason, extensive practice is very important in order to achieve the desired band score. IELTS.LIVE (https://www.ielts.live/) brings you the finest of practice test to cater your practice, there are many online free tests which are free of cost and can be easily attempted. The reading practice tests are available on this website and you can be benefited if you take these tests, the reading tests contain the solutions and also the answer sheet. The explanations are also given on the website so that you can easily justify your answer.

Practice Test – 1


Reading Passage 1:In this passage ‘Life Beyond Pay’ the balance between working life and the life beyond it is discussed.

Reading Passage 2:This passage titled as ‘Man and Machines’ we can see various types of machines are discussed and how people have harnessed them is also discussed here.

Reading Passage 3:The last passage of the reading practice test different things related to work is discussed, it is named as, “Explaining the curse of work”.




IELTS.LIVE (https://www.ielts.live/) has also brought forward the best ever solution for your writing practice. If you are tensed about the writing test, then you can easily avail the writing service and practice for the IELTS writing test. There are three different packages for the writing service, which lets you attend the writing task and you can also get your scripts checked afterwards. This one of a kind service can be a life changing solution for you. The three different packages are for Task 1, Task2 and Task 1 + Task 2 respectively and the prices are as follows, $3.49, $5.99 and $8.99. Upon purchasing the perfect package for you, you will be able to submit the answers and get them check by expert IELTS trainer and you will get detailed feedback for the writing which will help you improve the shortcomings you have in the writing part.

Practice Test – 1


Task 1: In this writing practice task there is a picture that shows the process of invoicing and the collection of money due, students have to summarize using appropriate information.

Task 2: In this writing practice test it is said that everybody is expected to have more than one career these days, and it is asked to what extent the students agree or disagree.




One problem which arises with the speaking section is that people lack enough practice and for this reason they are often getting less marks due to the fluency problem. As a solution to this problem IELTS.LIVE (https://www.ielts.live/) has brought to you an array of speaking test, these speaking practice test are all available online, you do not have to attend the practice test in person. All you need is a stable internet connection and skype ID. There are various packages for the speaking test. The online speaking test is offered in three packages, they are respectively of 1, 2 and 5 x 30 minutes session. The most astonishing part is that the speaking sessions are not only the test, it contains the feedback from the expert examiner and you will also be able to access the test recording to listen to your mistakes and improve by working on the feedback. Needless to say, this is the best thing that IELTS.LIVE (https://www.ielts.live/) has brought for you and this will help you without any doubt.

Practice Test – 1


Part 1: In this section the examiner will ask about the average day of the student, about the activities, the routine and what are the usual things that people of a country do on a typical day.

Part 2: In this part of the speaking test the candidate will be asked about a job which is ideal according to him.

Part 3: In the third part examiner will ask various questions about the workplace, what is the ideal atmosphere in a workplace and what are the things that make a workplace relaxing.


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