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IELTS Listening Practice

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9th Oct 2019

The IELTS Listening test takes around 30 minutes. There are 40 questions divided into four parts. Each question carries one mark with no penalty for wrong answers.


The IELTS Listening test is recorded on a CD and is played ONCE only. During the test, you will be given time to read the questions first before the audio is played.


You should write the answers on the question paper while you listen. When the recording ends, you will be allowed 10 extra minutes to transfer your answer to your answer sheet.


Essential information about IELTS Listening test

Remember the listening test is common for both the academic and GT module. That means the AC and GT candidates will take the same listening test with the same scoring.

  • The listening test is played on a CD which will last for 30 minutes.
  • After the audio is played you will be given 10 minutes to copy your answers.
  • There will be 40 questions that you need to be answered.
  • You must listen and answer both at the same time.
  • But for the computer delivered IELTS listening test, your answers do not need to be transferred, so you will be given two minutes to check your answers instead of ten minutes.
  • For each set of questions there will be a word count limit- You have to read the questions carefully to understand in how many words you should write your answers.


For example: Write no more than two words and / or a number- you can write one word, two words or a combination of one or two words with a number or just a number on its own.

  • Don’t worry, you will always be given time to read the questions in each of the four parts.
  • You can’t make any spelling mistakes. If the word is spelled wrong, you won’t get any marks for that spelling.


What can you listen for IELTS Listening Practice Online

If you have Internet and a device (computer, tablet, smartphone) with sound, you will never run out of English listening material.


   IELTS Listening Practice - What you can listen   


Here are some suggestions for finding appropriate materials. If the listening level is too high and you don’t understand anything, find something easier.



Podcasts offer regularly updated episodes of listening bites. These shows may be short or long. They may be formal or informal. They are often organized around a certain topic.


Podcasts are typically free. You can find many that are specifically made for language learners. You don’t need an iPod to listen to podcasts.


You can often listen to podcasts online. If you have a mobile device or MP3 player you can also subscribe to podcasts and listen to them on the go.



Here in IELTS.live you will find free IELTS listening online materials. You can take IELTS listening practice test for free.



Many English news sites offer audio or video clips to go with news stories. If the English is too difficult for you, find a site that offers news in easy English.



Listening to music lyrics is a great way to practice your active listening. At times you will have to replay one line over and over until you can understand what the singer is saying.


Many lyrics are available online so you can read along as you listen. You can also search for music videos that have subtitles.


English Videos/ Film/ TV

Find a topic you are interested in and start watching videos. You can watch English cartoons, how-to videos, documentaries or movies.


Why not watch one each day?


Some videos offer captions. You could also buy a TV series on DVD so that you can control when to pause, stop, and replay certain scenes.


Watching IELTS listening video tutorials from Youtube also help you to enhance your listening skill.



Improve your spelling, writing and typing skills as you practice listening. Dictations can also help you learn new vocabulary in context.



If you are in an English-speaking country, instead of texting in your own language on the bus or train, fold your hands in your lap and listen to the conversations around you.


You can also sit in a coffee shop or restaurant and practice listening to strangers around you. This is called eavesdropping. Stare out a window or pretend to read a book so that others don’t feel uncomfortable. This is the one time not to make eye contact.



Many online schools offer free lectures on a variety of topics. Our expert IELTS team discusses various topics regarding the IELTS. Stay tuned to our page.


How You Can Ace the IELTS Listening Test


 How You Can Ace the IELTS Listening Test 


Improve your general listening skills

The goal of IELTS Listening section is to test your listening skills. Don't use practice tests to improve your score: it's not enough!


They will help you to become familiar with the test, but won't much improve your listening abilities.


It is much more effective to do various listening exercises, listen to general listening materials and only after that do IELTS Listening practice tests.


Expand your Topic Vocabulary

Part 3 is almost always about education. For example, students and a tutor talking about an assignment.


Learn all the vocabulary you can about studying at university. This way you will understand this section better.


Word Types

Skip over the questions and decide which type of word fits in each gap. Is it a noun, verb, adverb or adjective?


Write 'N' for noun, 'V' for verb and so on.


This will help you to focus on the specific word forms while listening.


Always Stay Focused

Remember, you will only hear the audio once. So, if you didn't hear some words and passed over some questions, don't worry!


Leave them blank and focus on the actual part.


Review those questions at the end of the section, otherwise, you will only miss more questions and tangle in the recording.


You will need to read, write and listen all at the same time.


Watch Out Keywords

Listen for words-indicators, such as however, but, then, finally. They help you to anticipate what the speaker will say.


Don't Write Answers too Quickly

A lot of students fall into this trap: as soon as they hear the needed information, they take it for the correct answer.


But sometimes this information is repeated or corrected further in the part. 


Transfer Answers Accurately

At the end of the IELTS listening test you will have 10 minutes for transferring your answers into the answer sheet.


And quite often students get confused in the numeration! As you write down your answers, check that they fit into the correct numbered space.


In other words, make sure that answer for question 7 goes into space number 7.


Don't Leave Any Blank Answers!

You won't lose marks for incorrect answers, so even if you don't know the answer it is better to write something in the answers box.


Read the question again and make a guess!


In IELTS.live, you will find IELTS listening practice materials for both the AC and GT module.


For AC practice test, just click on:


And for GT practice test, just click on: 



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