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Best 10 tips to improve your English skill

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20th Aug 2019

There are four major modules of English, viz Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. In order to enhance your ability in English language you must gain proficiency in all the four aspects. You can always follow few tips to achieve the desired level of proficiency, few of these are discussed below: -

1. Indulge into TV shows and films – This tip might be controversial to strict parents, how can you improve your skill by watching TV shows or films, they are supposed to be the ultimate weapon of destruction. However, listening skills are developed a lot with the help of films and TV shows, different dialects are used in these shows, which helps you to get used to different types of accent. You can also accustom yourself to watch the films without subtitles, then you will be able to understand the audio more comfortably and this will increase your listening skill.

2. Interact with people – Try to involve yourself in hearing conversation, if you are being able to understand their conversation effortlessly, your listening skill is improving. Also try to listen to different types of English speakers, for example native and non-native speakers, this will help you to ascertain the differences.

3. Read, read and read – This advice might seem repetitive, that you have to read, read and only read. Fortunately, the only way to improve your reading skill is to read more and not only read without any purpose, while you are reading if you are unable to understand something then try to find out the contextual meaning, it would help you to learn new words as well as understand the text better. However, choose the right level of book or reading text, it is better not to read something difficult at the very first attempt, it might bring down your confidence.

4. Find out the gist of a text – One very effective way to improve your reading skill is to check if you can summarize a text, it is not always necessary to understand a reading material line by line, but it is important whether or not you are being able to understand the gist of the text. This will help you in explaining the text to others as well.

5. Make use of your pen – It is effective if you make small notes while you are reading, try to mark the major idea of a paragraph or try to point out the dates or the events that are being held in a text, this will help you to search for information in any text. If you find it difficult to understand any part, you can also mark it and try to find the meaning later.

6. Turn on the recorder – We are not always comfortable with the level of our speaking, and feel shy to speak in front of others, in this case the best way is to record yourself speaking and then listen to it later, we often carelessly make mistakes while speaking but it is difficult to realize, if we record the speech and listen to it we will be able to identify the mistakes and can work on it.

7. Make a herd – No, you don’t have to herd animals. Form a group of enthusiasts, you cannot avoid interaction all the time, so try speaking with your friends or classmates. Speaking with people will help you understand your shortcomings and will let you develop.

8. Read before you write – Reading helps you a lot if you are looking for ways to improve in writing. When you read different articles or books, you will be able to learn how to arrange your ideas, how to explain them properly with the right choice of words.

9. Seek help from an examiner – It will be of no use if you keep on writing and not identifying your mistakes. For this reason, you will have to get your writing checked by some expert, once your
problems are pointed out you can work on those and improve the quality of your writing.

10. Limit yourself – Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to limit your abilities, limit the amount of words of your writing, whenever we write we include a lot of unnecessary information in it, if we write within a word limit we will learn to write precisely and to the point, unnecessary information often degrades the quality of the text, so being able to write precisely is very important.



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Tasawer Hussain
very helpful information and I will try to follow these ten rules while reading speaking and listening.
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